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Minces PLLC Team visits Liberty Armory

July 31st, 2017 by David Minces

The Minces PLLC office likes to engage in friendly competitions with each other. Whether it is seeing who can eat the most pizza at Star Pizza’s lunch buffet or impressing each other with light office pranks, we always try to one-up each other in a playful manner. Two weeks ago, the Minces PLLC team stepped up the friendly competitions when we went to Liberty Armory’s indoor shooting range. First, we warmed up by firing a few shots with an AR-15 and a Smith & Wesson Governor.


We also had a friendly target shooting competition between the members of our firm. Using a Springfield XD-S, we challenged each other to see who could hit the number 8 on the target first from five yards. In the end, David turned out to be the straightest shot (or perhaps the luckiest), as he was the only one to hit the 8.

We would like to express our gratitude to those at Liberty Armory for their hospitality, and we hope to see them again sometime soon. Our experience was enjoyable, and everyone stayed safe except for these guys:



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