No matter how long you’ve lived in Texas, you’ve likely heard about and even experienced the landfall of a hurricane or tropical storm. Hurricanes are classified according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, so wind strength is a determining factor in whether or not a serious storm will be a named hurricane. Hurricane-force sustained winds range from 74 miles per hour up to 157 miles per hour or higher. Having driven in or ridden in a motor vehicle, you can imagine how fast and strong these winds can be – and thus the damage they can do to both commercial and residential property. Gulf Coast residents often have to file hurricane insurance claims due to extensive, devastating, and even catastrophic property damage caused by hurricanes. Our team of lawyers is experienced in assisting homeowners and business property owners with navigating the complex maze of the insurance claims process.

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Residential Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes are so destructive due to the combination of high winds and heavy rainfall. When the force of a hurricane affects residential structures, homes can be ripped apart by its powerful winds and irreparably damaged by storm surge and inland flooding. Depending on the category of the storm and how much water it releases in your area, residential property damage can range from uprooted landscaping and downed power lines to blocked roadways and complete destruction of your home.

Since you’ve paid your premiums and ensured you have adequate insurance coverage, you expect your insurer to take care of you in your time of need after the loss of your most precious asset – your home. Unfortunately, despite owing legal duties to their insured, insurance companies routinely use bad faith tactics to mitigate their own losses instead of helping homeowners get back on their feet and back into their homes, including:

  • Unreasonably delaying payment of a valid claim
  • Using inexperienced or biased claims adjusters
  • Undervaluing the damage to your home
  • Claiming your property damage was due to another cause besides the storm
  • Failing to timely investigate your claim

More often than not, in order to get your insurance carrier to timely pay the full repair or replacement cost of your property, you will need the help of an experienced hurricane insurance claims lawyer.

Commercial Hurricane Claims

The structure in which your business operates is essential to your livelihood and your ability to serve customers. Whether you own an office building or lease space within a building owned by another party, the contents within your structure are the foundation of your operations. If a hurricane hits your office, it can be devastating not just in the moment, but for weeks, months, or even years to come. Any type of commercial property can suffer hurricane damage, including apartment buildings, condominiums, office buildings, hotels, warehouses, schools, houses of worship, and more.

Our first party insurance lawyers routinely represent business owners whose properties have suffered damaged roofs, walls, interiors, flooring, and other property damage routinely caused by hurricanes. Especially with regard to costly commercial insurance claims, it is very common for insurance companies to look out for their own interests and not for the interests of their insured. Despite Texas having laws in place to require insurers to act in good faith as fiduciaries to their policyholders, carriers still delay, underpay, and deny valid hurricane insurance claims on a regular basis, especially if a storm inflicts millions or billions of dollars in damages comprehensively.

Houston, Texas First Party Insurance Lawyers

Our property insurance claim attorneys have the experience, relentless work ethic, and resources to ensure you are fully compensated as quickly as possible, and that you receive damages for the bad faith or improper handling of your claims if applicable.

The hurricane damage and insurance lawyers at Minces Rankin know how important your claim is. If you’re in Texas and need a hurricane insurance claims attorney, don’t wait, contact us so we can begin helping you with your claim today. Hurricanes cause catastrophic damage from not only wind, but flooding due to storm surge. No one wants to think about experiencing the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, but if another named storm does occur and it affects your home or business, you want our law offices fighting for you. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our goal is to help those who have suffered property damage get the insurance money they need to rebuild their lives, their homes, and their businesses.