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Results and Testimonials

 Obtained unanimous jury verdict in favor of Galveston County, Texas in a Title VII retaliation lawsuit. Plaintiff alleged sexual harassment, sex discrimination and retaliation in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Judgment rendered that Plaintiff take nothing and pay court costs. 




Obtained recommendation of summary judgment in in favor of Galveston County, Texas in three-plaintiff lawsuit. All three plaintiffs alleged the County terminated them in violation of the Texas Whistleblower Act and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and failed to provide them due process of law. Following the federal Magistrate Judge’s recommendation, plaintiffs dismissed the case and agreed not to appeal in order to avoid prevailing party costs.






Obtained summary judgment in federal court in Houston in favor of the City of Bay City, Texas on all claims asserted by plaintiffs in four-plaintiff lawsuit that included claims of age, race, national origin and sex discrimination and also claims of retaliation.


Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a lender in a case in which a home buyer asserted fraud, deceptive trade practices and negligence claims against the lender after his house depreciated in value during the years following the purchase transaction, alleging that the lender was “inextricably intertwined” in the sales transaction.


“I’ve worked with David and his team for over 12 years now… I can tell you they’ve always been prompt, knowledgeable and helpful regarding our corporate employee matters.  David and his team have handled various issues for us including building our employee handbook from scratch and they work well with our staff! I highly recommend them!” –Jeff Applebaum, President, IMG Financial Group

Obtained summary judgment in Leon County, Texas in a worker’s compensation retaliation case and later successfully argued the case before the Waco Court of Appeals, which affirmed summary judgment.

Obtained a Recommendation of Dismissal after an ALJ trial in a “whistleblower” retaliation case brought under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act; later affirmed by Administrative Review Board.

“David really cared about me as a person and went above and beyond to make sure I knew that. I felt like a high priority and no matter how busy he was or how many clients they had, I felt like I was the only one. I felt like they worked day and night on my case and really listened to me and cared about justice as much as I did. I appreciate all of the late nights, early mornings, weekends and time away from family to make sure I was taken care of. I never worried about any details getting missed, because they made a brilliant team with incredible memories and attention to detail. I felt like I was up to date all the time on what was going on, and never had to wonder if I was a priority. I know they believed in me and my case and for all of the hard work and dedication I am truly grateful!!” –Former Hospital Executive

Obtained a unanimous jury verdict in federal court in the Arkansas in a Title VII race discrimination lawsuit in which a longstanding employee was demoted following a series of peer reviews that he claimed were a sham.

Obtained a unanimous jury verdict in state court in Houston in favor of a grocery store in a non-subscriber premises liability lawsuit in which a former employee sought $1,000,000 at trial for damages to his cervical spine that he claimed resulted from a work-related injury.

“I have been a healthcare executive for more than 25 years and I can say without hesitation that David Minces is one of the very best attorneys I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. He is very capable and wise as an attorney and as a bonus he is also an excellent human being. He also strikes me as very honest and ethical in his work. I strongly recommend him as a legal expert.” –Deo Shanker, Healthcare Executive

Obtained summary judgment in a Family Medical Leave Act interference and retaliation case in which the plaintiff alleged that he was terminated in violation of the FMLA following his participation in substance abuse treatment.

Obtained summary judgment in a Title VII race discrimination case in which the plaintiff alleged that he was ostracized and made to perform menial tasks because of his race.

“I can’t recommend David’s knowledge and work style highly enough. He works tirelessly to put positive outcomes for his clients far before his schedule or already-heavy workload. David is my first call when I have an obscure, complex or pressing employment law question — most impressively, his experience on both sides of employment law allows him to immediately answer my employer-oriented questions with a thorough (and, so far, always correct) assessment of the full spectrum of outcomes.” –Current Client

“David and I consulted and then I hired him for a pregnancy discrimination case, where my employer fired me because I was in the hospital due to my pregnancy too frequently. The case evolved because they didn’t provide COBRA paperwork so I was left with no insurance and it contributed to my daughter’s death. David was very honest about the realities of my case in terms of the evidence we had and could collect, the cost, the timeline, and the possible outcomes. He was very knowledgeable about similar cases and their outcomes. His responses were always no more than 24 hours, whether by phone or e-mail. Our case ended up in mediation first, and we did ultimately settle. We were both pleased with the outcome. I also need to say, David was not the stereotypical attorney or lawyer in the jokes people share. He is compassionate with his client and believes in fighting for not just the little guy, but what is right and just and fair. He is one of the best men I know, in addition to being one of the best at his job. You cant go wrong with him. I would recommend him over and over again.” –Former Client

“Mr. Minces is highly smart, very friendly, and extremely honest upfront. His staff is just as great. Him and his office are very organized, very professional, and will help at the very best of their ability. Definitely a person to trust from the get go. He will highly be recommended to anyone needing help like his.” –Former Client

“A case that Mr. Minces represented me in has recently settled. Mr. Minces was diligent, thorough and honest through the entire process. His staff embodies the same characteristics. I would recommend him to my closest friends and family.” –Former Client

“David has one of the top strategic legal minds in the field. He is dedicated and works for the client to right a wrong, is personable and very responsive.” –Former Client

“I needed an employment attorney and, as an attorney myself, I asked several friends for a reference. Minces continually came up as the top firm in “employment & labor.” After interviewing several employment attorneys in Houston, it was clear to me that Minces was the top choice. David took my case and then outperformed and exceeded my very high expectations in all aspects of my case, including the initial interview, case work-up, follow-up, legal research, drafting of the documents, and super high level of responsiveness. His staff are top-notch attorneys in their own right. They never missed a beat. All requests were handled responsively and with the highest degree of care and professionalism. I could not be happier with their performance.
David and his team not only exceeded my expectations but were very pleasant throughout the entire process. These folks are all superstars. It is clear to me that David Minces has assembled a formidable legal team in Houston. I plan to continue to use Minces on any future legal matters. And I would recommend Minces Rankin PLLC for any employment matter, without reservation.”
–Former Client

“David is an excellent lawyer- very professional and knowledgeable. He always returned my calls and emails promptly whenever I had a question or concern. He always made me feel like a priority & that he felt as passionate about fairness & following the law as I did. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent employment lawyer.” –Former Client

“I consulted with him to look over my exit papers and review other documents to makes sure my rights are covered. He did a professional job as well as his staff.” –Former Client

“David was my first interaction consulting and ultimately hiring an attorney. I had many questions about employment separations (layoffs), and he was answered my questions very knowledgeably, provided a neutral sounding board, and ultimately recommended several courses of action moving forward. David’s communication was always prompt and insightful, he was always available to talk or e-mail discussing my case. He never pressured me or made me feel like I was taking up too much of his time, and always gave me an honest answer. I value his counsel, and feel like he has my best interests in mind. I frequently recommend him to anyone who might be looking for an attorney for labor matters, and am genuinely happy that I got to work with him.” –Former Client

“David is the epitome of what an attorney should be. His knowledge and abilities as it relates to employment law are unmatched and undeniable. I appreciate his candor and his commitment to my case. He is trustworthy and tenacious and anyone who has him fighting for them is sure to be vigorously represented.” –Former Client

“Very professional attorney. I will not hesitate to contact them again.” –Former Client

“David is an excellent and very effective lawyer. He has my highest recommendation.” –Fellow Attorney