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Governmental Entities

Sometimes, cities, counties and other arms of government are perceived as easy targets for lawsuits because of the belief that they have “deep pockets.” Some believe that civic leaders will always prefer to settle lawsuits in order to avoid bad publicity, regardless of whether the case has legal merit. Misperceptions such as these increase the frequency of lawsuits against governmental entities.

We defend governmental entities on a regular basis. Lawyers within the firm have successfully defended cities and counties in lawsuits involving serious allegations and hundreds of thousands of dollars of alleged damages. Examples of our work include the following victories:

  • Defending the City of Bay City, Texas in a lawsuit in which four long-time employees accused the city of age, race, sex and national origin discrimination. The case was completely dismissed in summary judgment.
  • Defending Galveston County, Texas in a lawsuit in which three former IT managers claimed that County leaders violated state “whistleblower” laws and violated their right to freedom of speech and due process of law. The case was dismissed by the employees after a Magistrate Judge recommended dismissal in summary judgment.