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Well-trained managers will save your business money. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Decisions made by poorly trained managers are often the underlying cause of expensive, risky lawsuits.

For example, did you know that not all employees can be lawfully paid a salary? If your management team misclassifies a non-exempt employee as exempt, your business could owe thousands of dollars in overtime pay or even hundreds of thousands if an entire sector of your workforce has been misclassified. This is just one example. Many employment laws are unforgiving, and companies can be liable despite the best of intentions.

Lawsuits and government investigations cost money that could be better spent investing in your business. Despite this, companies are often reluctant to invest in training on employment laws because they think training is expensive, time-consuming and even unnecessary. These perceptions are wrong. The training we can provide your managers can save your company money and even improve the company’s image and reputation. Would you rather spend $100,000 on a lawsuit or a small fraction of that amount on training that helps your company avoid lawsuits?

When it comes to compliance with federal and state employment laws, an ounce of prevention is ordinarily a wiser investment than a pound of cure. We will train your team, and we will do it effectively for a fraction of the price of defending against a lawsuit.