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Defending Employment Lawsuits

Whether you run a small mom-and-pop shop or oversee a booming business with thousands of employees, the likelihood of your company facing an employment lawsuit at some point in the future is a virtual certainty. Some employment lawsuits arise from legitimate circumstances and some are just plain dumb. However, even the dumb ones can be expensive, especially if your company isn’t ready. Not being ready can even cause a dumb case to seem not so dumb to a judge or jury.

The attorneys at Minces Rankin PLLC have decades of experience in defending companies in employment lawsuits. Our team understands how an employment lawsuit can impact a company’s external image, employee morale, and corporate bottom line. Our knowledge of employment law and legal precedents can help you protect your company’s assets from the potential financial crisis and employment lawsuit can bring. We can help you get ready and probably even stave off would-be claims before they happen. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure, and that has certainly been our experience when it comes to employment law.

Don’t Ignore the Demand Letter
Many companies find themselves unprepared when sued by a current or former employee. Sometimes, but not always, the process typically starts with a pre-litigation demand letter from the employee’s attorney. The attorney will inform the company about the employee’s grievances, the grounds for the employment lawsuit, and the damages the employee will seek in court.

Costs of Employment Lawsuits
Regardless of the legal merits of such a letter, businesses that ignore these letters do so at their own peril. That is often mistake #1. Those who ignore demand letters often get sued, and getting out of a lawsuit is generally more difficult and far more expensive than resolving a claim after receiving a demand letter. A recent study showed that the costs of defending against an employment lawsuit generally ranges from $50,000 to $250,000.

Wouldn’t you rather try to find a resolution before your company gets sued? An experienced employment law attorney can help your business evaluate a demand letter in order to make a business decision that protects your company’s bottom line and its reputation.

Preparing For Employment Lawsuits
An employment attorney can help your company develop a strategy for identifying potential claims and taking measures to prevent conflicts and grievances from escalating into litigation. However, even if that can’t be done, preparation can be the difference between having a lawsuit against your company dismissed and losing the case at trial.

If your business has been sued, preparation is key. The good employment lawyers pay attention to detail, interview key witnesses, identify key documents and take the time to understand the facts before giving advice. The bad ones bill you lots of money and ask questions later. You will be able to tell which category your lawyer fits into.

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