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Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment are commonly misunderstood. Not all sexual comments and unwanted advances in the workplace constitute sexual harassment, and not all hostility at work creates a “hostile work environment.” Discrimination and harassment laws can be confusing, but we can help. If you need experienced, aggressive lawyers in a case involving discrimination or harassment or just want to better understand what the law requires and forbids, we can help.

We have represented clients in virtually every type of discrimination lawsuit: disability, race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex and pregnancy. We know the law well, and we have a track record of success. In many cases, we have achieved total victory for our clients without the need for an expensive, stressful trial. In other cases, we have helped clients resolve their claims quickly, quietly and confidentially. However, when trial is necessary, we show up ready to win.

If you need sound, aggressive representation in a discrimination or retaliation case, we can help. We will provide representation based on your objectives and the unique facts of your case. Here is what our clients have said about our approach.