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Defending Lawsuits

Getting sued can be a scary situation that involves financial risk and other undesirable consequences. If you or your business has been sued, you face not only potential liability but also costly business interruption and reputation damage.

All too often, we see lawyers and law firms take a figure-it-out-as-you-go approach to litigation that fails to account for the unique aspects of your case. We believe this increases the cost, duration and frustration of lawsuits and reduces the chances of winning. Likewise, cookie-cutter approaches that treat every client and case the same also fail in litigation because every client is unique, and every case is different.

When we represent clients, we tailor our approach to the client, the law, the unique facts involved in the case and of course the client’s objectives. We believe in a measured, strategic approach that involves vision, creativity and defined objectives from the outset.

Getting sued is never pleasant, but since lawsuits cannot always be avoided, it has been our experience that the most prepared team usually wins, sometimes at trial or and often by having the opponent’s case dismissed without the need for a trial. In litigation, winning is our goal from the minute you hire us. Here are some examples of our victories.