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Breach of Contract

The best time to seek legal advice about a contract is before you sign it. Our firm routinely provides clients with strategic advice regarding contracts. We write, revise and negotiate contracts on clients’ behalf in order to protect their interests.

Sometimes, clients hire us because they have been presented with a contract that is one-sided or contains harsh restrictions that may have undesirable consequences in the future. Other times, a contract is offered that is just plain difficult to understand. These matters can be complicated by short deadlines within which you are expected to sign the contract. We can help by answering your questions and providing sound, practical advice so that you make the right decision.

If you are faced with a potential contract dispute, we can evaluate the contract, provide you with an honest assessment and then help you find solutions that will help you achieve your objectives without the need for litigation.

Sometimes, litigation over a contract cannot be avoided. For example, disputes over non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants are increasingly common when an employee leaves one company and goes to work for a competitor. If you are involved in a lawsuit over a contract, we will fight to have your contractual rights enforced.